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Panorama - Together with music to new horizons

A project from CJD Berlin-Brandenburg
in Berlin, Germany

Panorama is a social and inclusive educational project in which children are empowered by learning a symphonic instrument to develop their potential and experience a community in an orchestra that makes them strong.

Alexander Leitow
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About this project

We believe in a world where every child, regardless of their social, cultural or religious background, has a fair chance to discover and develop their potential.

Unfortunately, social background has great importance for developing perspectives. The lack of opportunities usually goes hand in hand with a reduction in social and cultural participation and a withdrawal from society. Panorama starts there and encourages children by learning a symphonic instrument to discover their potential and believe in themselves.

But it's much more than music. The pedagogical concept is a holistic personality development approach. It strengthens social skills as well as self-esteem, a sense of responsibility and trust in one's own abilities.

Regardless of talent or previous experience, Panorama offers children free access to musical education without a selection process. Panorama is currently taking place in Berlin Siemensstadt, where around 170 children between the ages of 4-12 are playing together. From August 2020, we want to enable even more children to participate in the project and set up additional locations in the next few years.

What makes panorama so special?

  • We rely on intensive care of 3 hours per week for each child.
  • Our team of 8 trained instrument teachers comes from 7 different countries. This makes the team as colorful and diverse as the participants and language difficulties can be quickly absorbed.
  • Panorama always takes place in a group. The children experience that a homogeneous group sound emerges when each individual is part of the common sound. The children take this experience into their lives.
  • Panorama starts early. At the age of 4, children already get to know their instruments in a handicraft way.
  • Thanks to the long care period of ideally 8 years, Panorama is particularly sustainable. (The largest Panorama children come to 6th grade in the summer. We are currently looking for ways to continue offering Panorama after primary school.)
Panorama is financed through private donations and project funding. Every year, new instruments are purchased for the growing number of participants. The biggest cost, however, is for our educators to make panorama possible in the first place.

The courageous intervention of non-governmental organizations is required to enable cultural participation and educational justice. We look forward to your donations to make our work even more effective.

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