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Emergency Support for SelfProtection of Indigenous People #LeaveNoOneBehind

A project from LOVE FOR LIFE e.V.
in Telire; Talamanca, Costa Rica

Indigenous Peoples are extremely vulnerable to the global COVID-19 crisis due to persistent inequalities, discrimination, and their geographic location. Please support Indigenous communities to protect themselves against the effects of the pandemic.

Thomas Hilker
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About this project

Join hands with Indigenous communities in the Talamanca rainforest and the Amazon to alleviate the impact of the pandemic. 

Indigenous People are extremely vulnerable to pandemics due to persistent inequalities, discrimination, and their geographic isolation. COVID-19 represents an existential threat to their physical and cultural survival. 
To alleviate the impact of the emergency and to ensure a just and sustainable recovery, we are working on a Contingency and Action Plan with Indigenous Peoples of the Talamanca rainforest in Costa Rica and the Ecuadorian Amazon.

More than ever, this work is crucial to build resilient communities and strengthen Indigenous People’s self-determination.

Sources of food in Indigenous Territories are already diminishing due to the impact of climate change and other sources of income are highly limited or non-existent. Therefore, these sustainable emergency actions aim to prevent food shortages or difficult access to food due to the loss of markets for Indigenous products and the loss of sources of income due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Emergency funds are only effective when part of long-term strategy.

Beside immediate actions to prevent and alleviate the negative impact of the pandemic and restrictions, your support promotes sustainable food security and health.
Sustaining Indigenous food sovereignty is essential to protect nature and nurture healthy, interdependent relationships with the land, and ecosystems that provide food, air, and medicine for us all.

The money raised will directly go to our local partner organization that works hand in hand with cooperatives, Women Associations, and Indigenous families.

You can find more information on our Covid-19 response on

LOVE FOR LIFE is dedicated to creating conscious, sustainable change to empower people and protect nature. We are committed to building equity and rights-based resiliency by bringing local knowledge and innovation together, building alliances and by advocating for sustainable, healthy, and peaceful transformations.

Thank you for your valuable support!