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Starkmacher e.V.

Mannheim, Germany

Starkmacher Green: Sustainable development and ecology Starkmacher Global: Global Youth Projects Starkmacher Economy: Economic education and training Starkmacher Interactive: Exchange for positive change in society

Starkmacher e.V. from Starkmacher e.V.
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The basic idea is simple: We at Starkmacher e.V. are convinced that there is something valuable and good in every human being - we want to make this visible and useful for our society.
Our vision is that every young person can develop his or her full potential,
to positively influence society.

What we do
We offer educational programs for young people that provide space for conflict-free encounters, self-efficacy and broadening of horizons. We are involved in socially relevant fields of activity in order to strengthen young people and youth workers in the long term.

State recognition
Starkmacher is a carrier of the free youth welfare service in the area of youth work according to § 75 Social Security Code Book Eight (SGB VIII) and §§ 4 and 17 Youth Education Act (JBG).