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Let's help an old grandmother Sharifat!

Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Babushka Adoption Foundation was established in 1999 in the post-Soviet territory, Kyrgyz Republic. After collapse of the USSR many old people have stayed in a big poverty. Babushka Adoption for 20 years has been working to help these people in need.

Eliza Mandieva from Babushka Adoption Foundation
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Dzhurayeva Sharifat.

Sharifat-apa (grandmother) was born in the city of Sulyukta in southern Kyrgyzstan, where she graduated from school. She graduated from the Osh Merchandise Technical College in 1973.

Since 1974 she worked as a head of a hotel in the collective farm in the village Samat Leyleksky district. In 1976 she went to the city of Osh, where she worked as a saleswoman in different trade points of the city. In 1995 she went to Sulyukta.

Sharifat-apa suffers from hepatitis, the pension's amount is 3500 soms (approximately 44 dollars)/ The money that she receives is not enough to buy necessary medicines, normal food. She has no relatives who could help her.

If you are able to help grandmother Sharifat a little, you can take part in the charity program of the Babushka Addoption Public Charitable Foundation. More information about the program can be found on the Foundation's official website

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