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Waste reduction in the ocean

A project from Ocean waste catcher Foundation e.V.
in Kiel, Germany

Wir die Ocean waste catcher Foundation e.V., bemühen uns um die Reinigung der Weltmeere von Plastikmüll.

W. Beier
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About this project

Greatest landfill worldwide and first target
Approximately 675 tones of garbage in the sea land per hour
The Atlantic and Pacific North and South have developed waste streams
One rubbish carpet is 3 million tones (700,000 -up to 15,000,000 km²)
The garbage carpet in the North Pacific is as big as central Europe
and Ocean Waste Catcher’s first target
Ocean Waste Catcher Foundation Intention
Waste reduction in the ocean
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
On-board processing of waste into valuable substances
Raw material supply for industry
Replace natural resources
Research & Development