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Sociocratic village school in Lunow at the river Oder is reopened!

Lunow-Stolzenhagen, Germany

The Lunower village school in the Oder Valley reopens with regional relevance & small learning groups, characterized by sustainability & sociocracy. We collect for multifunctional school furniture & the implementation of fire protection regulations.

Anja Hradetzky from Dorfschule Lunow e.V.  | 
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About this project

We reopen the Lunow village school!

A school in the Oder Valley with regional relevance and small learning groups,
characterized by sustainability and sociocracy.

We have to finance the first three years on our own before the country supports a school. 

We can do it with your help!
In addition to guarantees and personal loans, there is the possibility to support us with a small or large donation.

Specifically, the purchase of multifunctional tables is pending in order to be able to learn in motion. These are manufactured in the Franz Sales workshops by people with disabilities. 

The escape routes must be equipped with special safety lighting that still gives light even in the event of a power failure.

What motivates us:

We invest in the future of the village because the school means regional ties.
We believe in the future of our children and invest in their education.
We offer up-to-date, holistic lessons and are geared towards the individual needs of the children, without losing sight of the structural framework.
We provide a lovingly prepared learning environment and a good climate.
We want to support children in their natural urge for knowledge and support them in their development to self-determined personalities - according to the motto "Help me to do it myself".

Voices of our supporters:
+ "Small rural schools again - no mass processing" :)
+ "Regional reference"
+ "Learn outside and in nature"
+ "Every child can be dealt with. They will be picked up wherever they are."
+ "Everyone works at their own pace of learning."