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HSG RSV Teltow /Ruhlsdorf fights for survival!

A project from RSV Eintracht 1949 e.V
in Stahnsdorf, Germany

The lack of income from entrance fees and catering, but above all the impending loss of sponsorship money for the upcoming season, is threatening the existence of our HSG!

HSG RSV Teltow/Ruhlsdorf
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About this project

Covid-19 has not only hit large parts of the economy hard, but sports clubs are also suffering from the effects that the virus has had so far.

The suspended training and game operations and the resulting lack of income from admission fees, but above all the impending loss of sponsorship money for the coming season, make the responsible persons of HSG RSV Teltow / Ruhlsdorf a well-founded season planning almost impossible.

The 19 handball teams of all ages, which have been in the game so far, are looking forward to a very uncertain future for the HSG, which was formed from the clubs RSV Eintracht 1949 e.V. and SV Ruhlsdorf 1893 e.V..

Only one thing is certain: the costs of training and game operations such as entry fees, referee and judging costs, hall rental, and travel costs, cannot be covered by the membership fees alone.

However, our goal is to enable all children, teenagers, and adults who are committed to handball to continue training and play!

To achieve this goal and to be able to further enchant the region Teltow - Kleinmachnow - Stahnsdorf (T-K-S) with handball, we need YOUR support !!!

Every euro helps to ensure the continued existence of the HSG, so please help YOU too!