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Support German Chess!

Berlin, Germany

Support German Chess!

Berlin, Germany

Help to spread chess further in Germany! Chess is more than just a game - it is culture, science as well as sport and brings people together peacefully regardless of their origin, faith or physical condition.

Arne Jachmann from Deutscher Schachbund e. V. | 
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About this project

Help us with your donation to spread chess in Germany! Because chess is more than just a game - it is culture, science and sport. Chess brings people together peacefully, regardless of their origin, faith or physical condition. Furthermore, chess can contribute to positive personality development at a young age and promote skills such as analytical, creative and abstract thinking, concentration and discipline. We therefore support the establishment of chess in as many schools as possible, whether as a subject for teaching or as a leisure activity.

With your donation for our general work you ensure the full-time support of our many volunteer coaches, referees and officials through our office in Berlin. In addition to the personnel costs, there are also maintenance costs for the premises and the technical equipment. Another large part of our expenditure is in the area of competitive sports, because what motivates us better than to try to copy the best in the country? But even here, among other things, travel to international competitions and the salary of the national coaches have to be paid. And of course this applies not only to the men and women, but also to our top young players and players with physical disabilities, with whom we regularly participate in tournaments.
Updated at 20. May 2020