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Closed The forgotten Spirit of Africa

Making Bafut Self Sufficient Community

J. Konkankoh
J. Konkankoh wrote on 05-05-2016

The Bafut Ecovision2020 is an indigenous concept based on the four dimensions of sustainability (social, ecological economic and cultural). We are committed to transforming the Bafut Ecovillage into a case study of strategic land use for agro ecology, local infrastructure planning and food risk management.

Ndanifor Permaculture Demonstration Center is already becoming a social innovation hub urging Bafut people to return to more traditional ways of life and be less reliant on the outside world.As a model  ecovillage we believe this will free Africans from dependence on a damaging industrial society. 

Ndanifor is a practical demonstration expanding on Better World Cameroon 's concept of a better sort of life for youth based on research to their natural heritage of gaining livelihood from the land.

We are making this more fund than the er specialized system of education leading to office and factory which remains a challenge for Africa.                                                     

We have designed Bafut Ecovillage as a social enterprise and civil society together to ensure ownership at the grassroots engaging in transparent processes and harvesting best practices in indigenous.
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