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#stayhomeshareknowledge: Support virtual knowledge sharing

A project from TeachSurfing gemeinnützige UG (haftungbeschränkt))
in Berlin, Germany

Especially today, it is so important to stay connected as a community and continue to share our knowledge. TeachSurfing wants to help by giving experts, volunteers, small businesses and freelancers a virtual platform to do so.

M. Magarian
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About this project

TeachSurfing was born out of the idea to foster education and bridge cultural gaps through knowledge sharing. Since our founding year in 2015, we have been connecting more than 3.000 individual TeachSurfers with 250 local communities, non-profit and educational organisations. On our platform, we are matching the learning needs of our partner organisations with the skills and experiences of TeachSurfers. Through that, we have connected learners and educators across the world, such as German TeachSurfer Malte and the Impact Hub Yerevan to teach meditation in Armenia or Syrian TeachSurfer Khaled with German organisations and companies to teach Arabic language and culture in Berlin. For more TeachSurfing stories, have a look here!

The spread of the Coronavirus and the lockdown of many countries around the world has had a huge impact on the way we connect, learn and educate as individuals, professionals and small businesses. Especially in times like this, we believe that staying connected as a community and sharing knowledge with each other is essential to cope with the current situation.

Your donation helps to enable the TeachSurfing community to set up virtual knowledge sharing events and promote them directly on our website - free of charge and for everyone to participate!

Concretely, we want to offer our platform as a place for virtual knowledge sharing for individual volunteers, non-profit organisations and schools but also for freelancers and small businesses. For that, we need your support for the following:  

  • Development of additional technical features on our platform to enable the set up and promotion of virtual events directly on This includes also the extension of our matching algorithm to ensure that virtual learning needs are connected with virtual teaching offers in the most efficient way.

  • Extend also towards small businesses and freelancers and offer them the possibility to connect, support each other and receive expert knowledge on topics like eg. how to digitize their business.

  • Promoted launch of a first series of virtual workshops from specialists in research, medicine, and biotech to share their expert knowledge on the COVID-19 pandemic as well as from volunteers, our TeachSurfers, to share their knowledge and help our global community cope and continue to learn through these trying times.

Help us with your donation to extend TeachSurfing into a virtual knowledge sharing hub and keep our community growing and connected! We will keep you updated on our progress along the way and share updates and stories of our work.

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