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Save the Centre for Environment and Culture "ZUK" Benediktbeuern!

Benediktbeuern, Germany

Impending insolvency of a non-profit organization! For 30 years projects with up to 16,000 young people for social, climate protection, nature conservation & monument protection. Non-profit means no reserves. Save the ZUK!

Gabriel Wolf from Zentrum für Umwelt und Kultur Benediktbeuern e.V.
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Without donations the ZUK will sooner or later face insolvency. No more school classes until the end of the year, no more conferences, no more major events, employees in short-time work. The ZUK stands still. That's what it looks like.

One thing stays: running expenses. The minimal operation of the Maierhof costs the Zentrum für Umwelt und Kultur an average of 20,000 € per month.
The first employees have already had to quit because the short-time work allowance is not enough to live on.

Viewed soberly one must say: If we do not help together now, the ZUK will no longer exist in a year.

How painful it really is for us to give something now to avert disaster?
What do we tell our children when they ask us in a few years' time why we can no longer go to Benediktbeuern?
Who should make donations if not us, who know the ZUK and who have received so much?

You can turn the tide. Donate now!

Your contribution - however big or small it may be - will help the people who threaten to get lost with the ZUK: for instance Pater Geißinger, Fr. Zander, Fr. Nicklaus, Fr. Moser, Fr. Ehrl, Fr. Linke, Hr. Fischer, Hr. Schuster, Hr. Blösl, Hr. Malkmus, Hr. Held SDB, Fr. Pleyl, oder Fr. Bartl.

Give them courage!
Avert the danger!
... and stay healthy.

Kind regards