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"Girls in education and jobs in Mozambique, DR Congo and Rwanda"

A project from Städtepartnerschaft Leipzig-Maputo e.V.
in Kinshasa, Congo (Democratic Republic)

mutual interests and concerns of Africans and Germans in the common house Europe and Africa

Axel Wladimiroff
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About this project

The association sees itself as a mediator between citizens from Mozambique and Germany with headquarters in Leipzig.

The aim is to optimise understanding and coexistence in Europe and Africa.

The association is committed to the mutual interests and interests of Africans and Germans in the common house of Europe and Africa.

In addition to Mozambique, the DRC and Rwanda are the focus of the association, whose relief operations are mostly taking place in their countries.

We develop and promote projects that make a profound contribution to individual understanding and intensify cooperation between these African countries and Germany, especially in the fields of economy, health, social affairs and culture.

A platform has been developed with the members of the association that enables professional support in matters of economic and medical exchange and provides appropriate contacts.

The activities and support of the last years are in the field of school education/vocational training as well as medical care.