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FAIRCONOMY - donate for a fair monetary and economic order!

A project from Initiative für Natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung e.V.
in Greven, Germany

Corona changes the world. We want to help shape the change! Donate for a decelerated, sustainable and fair monetary and economic order that is oriented towards the actual needs of the people.

Beate Bockting
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About this project

The Corona crisis is causing profound economic changes. Now it is important to give the changes a positive direction!

INWO e.V. wants to contribute to a free, just and peaceful social order. To this end, we rely in particular on research findings in the fields of monetary, land and resources theory and provide information on the general significance of these economic issues. These questions are fundamental for a democratic polity, the peaceful and tolerant coexistence of people and nations, and the sustainable and fair use of land and natural resources.

We strive for a sustainable, stable and fair economy that is oriented towards the real needs of the people. 

  • We want to ensure that all people who contribute to the prosperity and well-being of society through their work are paid according to their performance, 
  • dignified care and financing for those who are in need of help.
  • All people should be given equal access to land and resources. 
  • The cultivation of land and resources is to be carried out consistently according to ecologically sustainable criteria, with due regard for future generations. 
We need your support to put the issues of money and land at the top of the agenda now. Because only if privileges from money capital and land ownership are minimized, the crisis will become a real chance for the whole society!

What we need:

90,000 € for 2 permanent employees over 1.5 years, who promote our educational work.

The scientific and practical findings on negative interest rates and on land taxation should be systematically compiled and prepared for our educational purposes. The results are to be made available to a broad public in comprehensible texts and graphics and communicated in seminars.

Please donate for changes concerning money and land:

Make money our common good!

Our means of payment must no longer be privatized, i.e. hoarded, but should serve the real economic exchange in line with demand. We want to show how the introduction of effective negative interest rates can keep money flowing and make Corona-related new debt sustainable and repayable in the long term.

Stop rentgrabbing - share the rents!

Revenues from ownership of land and resources should no longer go to privileged owners, but should benefit the community and all of us. In the aftermath of the crisis, landowners could share in the financial burdens of the crisis by introducing a solidarity contribution or other forms of land taxation.