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Help for COVID-19 – India

Delhi , India

Emergency help – Food and Safety Mask distribution project for the affected people in India

A. Steffen from Diya - Light of Hope e. V.
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Help for COVID-19 – India

We wish and pray for all the affected people by COVID-19 in Germany and around the world. This fundraising is aimed to support the economically-challenged families that relying on daily wage labouring, with young children and vulnerable people. The intention is to support them in the current lockdown situation by providing sufficient food, safety mask and hygienic articles, and other help as needed on the ground to meet the changing requirements.

We help the affected communities directly or in collaboration with other charities in India. The full amount of your donation will go to the people who need it. Administrative costs are borne by the members of the NGO. 

Looking forward to your generous and quick contribution in this critical time.

The Team of Diya – Light of Hope e. V. wish you all the best, and good health. 
                                                Thank you very much!!