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Stop Corona in Africa


Stop Corona in Africa


Wir müssen schnell handeln, um eine humanitäre Katastrophe in Afrika aufgrund von Covid-19 zu verhindern. Unterstützen Sie uns dabei, den afrikanischen Gemeinden schnell und effektiv zu helfen, um sich vor der Ausbreitung des Virus zu schützen.

M. Leonhardt from AMREF Deutschland e.V. (Geschäftsstelle Berlin) | 
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About this project

We all live in a state of emergency. However, our health systems are extremely well equipped compared to those in African countries. We at Amref Health Africa as one of the largest health organizations are on high alert. If the spread of the virus in Africa cannot be stopped, there is a risk of humanitarian crisis.

How our teams help on site:
  • Mobile LEAP training of health workers on infection, prevention and control measures
  •  Provision of protective equipment for health workers
  •  Information campaigns in regional languages ​​via radio and multipliers to clear up myths that encourage risky behavior
  • Improvement of hygiene conditions, e.g. by setting up public hand washing stations in markets and providing drinking water
  • Support in food procurement - because already because of the restrictions, people can hardly cultivate their fields and cannot carry out their work.
Through our close relationships with the communities and governments in our project countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania and South Sudan, Amref is uniquely able to respond quickly and effectively.

All current information can be found here:

Please stand by our side now and help us stop the spread of the corona virus. Thank you very much and stay healthy!

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Updated at 23. April 2020