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Support our turtle protection project on Boa Vista!

Sal Rei, Cape Verde

Support our turtle protection project on Boa Vista!

Sal Rei, Cape Verde

Our mission is to protect sea turtles in cooperation with the local population in order to create a future in which both humans and sea turtles have a secure livelihood. Please help us!

Katja Weisheit from Turtle Foundation | 
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About this project

Although sea turtles are protected under Cape Verdean law, they are exposed to many threats. These include hunting in the sea and on land, as well as the destruction of their nesting beaches by the rapid development of tourism. 

Due to the acute, existential threat to the nesting population of sea turtles on Boa Vista, the Turtle Foundation became active as early as 2008 and sent staff to the island to monitor the nesting beaches. The monitoring of the nesting beaches is carried out with the help of local rangers and volunteers from all over the world. In addition to the beach patrols, a lot of data is collected and processed every year to register the turtles.

In order to be able to maintain this important work even in times of Corona, we depend on your support and donations. The donations finance our employees and all materials for ensuring beach protection and the implementation of the data collection. 
Updated at 16. April 2020

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