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cellu l'art short film festival Jena

Jena, Germany

The cellu l'art short film festival - that is the love for short films and the enthusiasm for the medium of film in general as well as the ambition to convey this passion to a larger audience.

cellu l'art Kurzfilmfestival from cellu l'art Kurzfilmfestival e.V.
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Since its premiere in 2000 the celu l’art festival has managed to increase in all aspects. The number of spectators is growing rapidly, so has the duration of the festival as well as the number of film entries. Even the structure of the organization and the spectrum of the festival could be diversified making the festival the largest of its kind in Thuringia.

This year our festival would have taken place from 21st to 26th April. We put a lot of diligence, time, ideas and voluntary work into our preparations. But COVID-19 thwarted our plans and so we have to withdraw for now.

But we don't give up!
We want to make up for the festival on a smaller scale as soon as we get the chance. Therefore we need your support!

In order to be able to cover the expenses around the festival, such as rental costs, film licenses, film conversions and fees for artists we need your help - so that we can at least sweeten your film evenings with a smaller cellu l'art short film festival at the end of this exciting year.

Just have a look at our homepage for more information about cellu l'art:

Help us with a small donation - so that we can still hold our competition for the best short films and award the best filmmakers!

We are grateful for any kind of support! 
Your cellu l'art team