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Closed Donation in favor of monks & orphans in Ladakh - due to tour cancellation

Wettenberg, Germany

Give hope by supporting the construction of a school for orphans and children from isolated Himalayan regions and by providing basic services for monks who had to cancel their donation collecting tour in favor of the school because of Corona.

Konchok Samten from Himalaya-Haus e.V.
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We had invited 6 monks and artists from Ladakh to Germany to organize a charity tour on a donation basis. They came with the great plan at heart to support with the donations the construction of a school for orphans and small monks in Ladakh, while enchanting Europe with its rich culture. Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 events, 90% of the events had to be canceled and the monks are now stuck in Saarland. Even worse, there is now a huge hole in the organizations budget for expenses from pre-financing for flights, transport, accommodation, logistics, insurance, visas, etc. In addition, it is unclear when and how the monks and tour members can return. And here - of course the donations for the school are still missing ... Therefore, we are now urgently dependent on any support to cover the costs of the tour and to provide the humble monks with a basic supply until they can fly home again. On the other hand, we would of course like to continue building the "Nalanda school and library" and support the people in the Himalayan region. Instead of the Tornee, we now pray daily from St. Wendel in Germany for healing and peace on earth and hold LIVE events on Facebook with prayers, buddhist praxis, sand mandalas, butterlamp offerings, joint meditations and much more ... Every euro is helpful - that's why we all ask for your kind support. Even small amounts can make a big difference! Many many thanks!