Funded Scholarship Program for Cambodian Students

An aid project by “Banyan Tree e.V.” (D. Angerer) in Battambang, Cambodia

D. Angerer (Project Manager)

D. Angerer
Despite good marks on their graduation certification, studying is not an option for most young Cambodians. They simply cannot afford it. With your help, we want to change that. Take action now and support students from poor families on their way to a better future!

With our scholarship program, we support seven talented and highly motivated adolescents from socially disadvantaged families. They fought their way through and graduated from high school but usually this is far from enough. After their great performance at school, we want to continue supporting them in order to give them a better perspective for the future.

We provide them with a free dormitory and bear the most important expenses, e.g. tuition fees and meals. Besides, another important aspect during the four years of studying is informal education. By giving English lessons, workshops and trainings, we can help the young adults to broaden their horizon and guide them to a life full of independence, curiosity and self-confidence.

We support our students in every way in order to help them find a good job after finishing their education – a job with which they can support themselves, and with some luck also their families. Please contribute to offer them a better future!

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Location: Battambang, Cambodia

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