Funded Scholarship Program for Cambodian Students

An aid project by “Banyan Tree e.V.” (D. Angerer) in Battambang, Cambodia

D. Angerer (Project Manager)

D. Angerer
Despite good marks on their graduation certification, studying is not an option for most young Cambodians. They simply cannot afford it. With your help, we want to change that. Take action now and support students from poor families on their way to a better future!

With our scholarship program, we support seven talented and highly motivated adolescents from socially disadvantaged families. They fought their way through and graduated from high school but usually this is far from enough. After their great performance at school, we want to continue supporting them in order to give them a better perspective for the future.

We provide them with a free dormitory and bear the most important expenses, e.g. tuition fees and meals. Besides, another important aspect during the four years of studying is informal education. By giving English lessons, workshops and trainings, we can help the young adults to broaden their horizon and guide them to a life full of independence, curiosity and self-confidence.

We support our students in every way in order to help them find a good job after finishing their education – a job with which they can support themselves, and with some luck also their families. Please contribute to offer them a better future!

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Location: Battambang, Cambodia

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  • Srey Pov siegessicher vor einem langen Sportnachmittag auf dem Flughafen. / Srey Pov is confident of victory before a long sports afternoon at the airport.

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  • Unsere StudentInnen pauken fleißig für ihre Zukunft! / Our students study hard for their future!

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  • Plastikmüll hinter einem Restaurant: Wir wollen zu einem Bewusstseinswandel beitragen. / Plastic trash behind a restaurant. We want to contribute to a shift of awareness.

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  • Kreatives Gestalten in unserem PowerPoint-Workshop. / Creative design in our PowerPoint workshop.

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  • Unsere StudentInnen danken Euch für Eure Unterstützung! / Our students thank you all for your support!

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  • Die Bibliothek der UBB. / The library of UBB.

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  • Der grüne Campus. / The green campus.

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  • Statue im Foyer des Hauptgebäudes. / Statue in the foyer of the main building.

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  • Unsere StudentInnen. / Our students. :)

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  • Am Haupteingang. / At the main entrance.

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  • Blick auf den Haupteingang und das Hauptgebäude. / View onto the main entrance and the main building.

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  • Rithy beim Bearbeiten unseres Englischeinführungsexamens für das neue Jahr. / Rithy taking our English "entrance" exam for the new year.

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  • Unsere StudentInnen schreiben ihre Wünsche, Ziele und Erwartungen für die kommenden 12 Monate auf. / Our students writing down their wishes, aims and expectations for the upcoming 12 months.

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  • Die Eltern kamen zu Besuch im Studentenwohnheim. / The parents visit our dorm.

    Uploaded at 19-06-2013

  • Rithy, Viriya, Srey Mao und Sina präsentieren stolz ihre neuen Ventilatoren. Danke an Euch! / Rithy, Viriya, Srey Mao and Sina proudly present the new fans. Thank you all!

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  • Ein kleiner Einblick in die Show des Zirkus. / Part of the impressive circus show.

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  • Dank Euch konnten wir unseren StudentInnen einen Besuch im Zirkus ermöglichen. Dankeschön! / Thanks to all of you, we could visit the circus with our students. Thank you so much!

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  • Im Geburtstagsmonat November haben gleich drei unser StudentInnen Geburtstag. Mit Kuchen, Spielen und Musik feierten wir Viriya, Srey Pov und Srey Mao. / November's full of birthdays, which we celebrated with cakes, games and music.

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  • Auswertung des zweiten halben Jahres im Wohnheim. / Evaluation of the second six months in the dorm.

    Uploaded at 11-06-2012

  • Handwerksworkshop - Alle Teilnehmer nach einem erfolgreichen, gemeinsamen Tag! / Handcraft workshop - All participants after a successful day together!

    Uploaded at 08-02-2012

  • Handwerksworkshop - Schnitzen von Kokusnuss erfordert filigrane Feinarbeit. / Handcraft workshop - Carving coconut demands precision work.

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  • Handwerksworkshop - Schön verzierte Geldbeutel aus Tetrapacks! / Handcraft workshop - Nicely decorated purses out of cartons.

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  • Englischunterricht. / English lesson.

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  • Computerunterricht. / Computer lesson.

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  • Fleißige Studenten beim Englisch lernen. / Diligent students learning English.

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  • Gemeinsam bei den legendären Bootsrennen in Battambang. / Together at the legendary boat race in Battambang.

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  • Das Stipendium unterzeichnen. / Signing the scholarship.

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  • Begrüßung im Wohnheim. / Welcoming in the dorm.

    Uploaded at 21-10-2011

  • Unsere Studenten mit ihren Eltern vor dem Wohnheim. / Our students with their parents in front of the dorm.

    Uploaded at 17-10-2011