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Helping Hands Project

A project from Fundacion Helping Hands - La Paz (Bolivia)
in La Paz, Bolivia

Congratulations Helping Hands. Our video won third prize in the national contest sponsored by the Ministry of Development and Planning. Hope you enjoy it.

L. Zarate
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About this project

Helping Hands has worked since 2004 to open up educational opportunities for Bolivian children and youth at risk and living in vulnerable situations.  In 2018 we worked with 100 young people, helping them to finish the school year. As 23 of our students finished their studies last year, we are now taking on many new students, and this year we have four families where the grandparents of very limited economic resources are raising their grandchildren, anywhere from 2 children to 7 per family.  Helping Hands is providing the school materials for these children so that they may all continue in school.  We also provide the school uniforms required.  As well we have 55  post secondary students who have come to us from many different social organizations.  These students are following programs as varied as Law, Accounting, Gastronomy, Medicine, Dentistry, Automobile Mechanics, English, Nursing, Agronomy, and many more. We invite you to meet some of our students on our website

It might be interesting to note that the new World Bank Report that came out in March 2018 was dedicated exclusively to education and its importance for the development of poorer countries.   In particular it talks about the quality of education in underdeveloped nations and also the need for access to education for all young people.  

We at Helping Hands also believe that one of the most important keys to development is education. 

We thank all of you who support us in this venture to give disadvantaged youth the opportunity of an education.