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Projekt Gleisdreieck

Leipzig, Germany

Projekt Gleisdreieck

Leipzig, Germany

The project aims to create a space which allows to connect different genres of creativity. It shall become a center for artists and creative people enabling a permanent and sustainable usage.

Leipziger Club- und Kulturstiftung from Leipziger Club- und Kulturstiftung | 
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About this project

On an area of more than 1000 square metres within the South of Leipzig, a centre for music, concerts, rehearsals, artists, offices and workshops as well as other creative usage shall be activated.

An important aspect of the project is to save the two clubs Distillery and TV-Club Leipzig. Both are currently threatened by some urban planning developments and need to relocate.

Together with galerie KUB another player is on the project, which contributes with other aspects of arts.

By exchanging with other players within the neighbourhood, social and socio-cultural aspects are being an essential part of the project.

The area itself offers possibilities for various offers, aiming to provide space for Leipzig citizens without discrimination and violence.

Beside those cultural aspects and social focus, climate and environment protection is in combination with sustainable development the third pillow of the "offenes Gleisdreieck".