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Projekt Gleisdreieck

Leipzig, Germany

The Leipziger Club- und Kulturstiftung will make, through the project ‘Gleisdreieck’, space available for art and music with a strong community aspect and long term sustainability.

Leipziger Club- und Kulturstiftung from Leipziger Club- und Kulturstiftung
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Together with the local community, Distillery, TV-Club Leipzig and galerie KUB, would like to offer around the clock rooms for art and music.  

South Leipzig, already a hotspot for creativity, will become a stomping ground, on an area of more than a hectare, for: 
  • Studios and rehearsal rooms 
  • Urban gardens and workshops 
  • Cafés and bar 
  • Cinema and festivals 
  • Exhibitions and Installation art
  • Sports and play areas 
  • Parties and concerts 
There is something for everyone here!  

As well as the cultural and social aspect, climate and environment protection will be one of the three main focuses in relation to a sustainable development of and opening of Gleisdreieck. 

This project and any other possible future projects will be developed in a climate-friendly way. 
We need your help to reach our goal! Not just financially but also on site. The saving of both Distillery and TV-Club Leipzig, as well as the expansion of the galerie KUB, relies on all of us.