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facing refugee situation at the borders of Europe


The living conditions in the refugee camps in Greece and borders to Europe are below human dignity. The Corona Lock down has already deteriorated noticeably due to insufficient upkeep. Dr. Ramin und Verzhik Changizi will serve directly at the camps.

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About this project

Refugee camp conditions in the Greek Islands and along the border to Turkey are at best poor and at worst catastrophic. The current Corona crisis has only worsened the situation and increased tensions between locals and refugees. Children and adults have been traumatized, families torn apart. Unaccompanied minors are without protection and forced to fend for themselves. Women and children are extremely vulnerable, and children suffer developmental delays; both require special care, protection, and support. Persian refugees face linguistic and cultural barriers. 

As native-speakers, Dr. Ramin and his wife Verzhik Changizi have been able to bridge the cultural divide and offer hope and help to a hurting Persian community. Doors have opened for them to minister, and they have won the hearts of families and children.

In April 2020 there were 39,500 refugees stranded on the Greek Islands. One-third of them are children, and six from ten are under the age of twelve. Approximately 1,800 children are unaccompanied and separated from their families!*

What is our strategy and approach?
  • Offer comprehensive help.
  • Focus on families, and in particular mothers and children.
  • Offer educational and recreational programs for children.
  • Work with local partner organizations to leverage resources.
  • Meet everyday needs and improve the overall living conditions for refugees on the Greek Islands.

*Source: UNHCR Aegan Islands Weekly Snapshot 
Updated at 12. December 2020