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Solidarity Funds for Refugee Women Group in Berlin-Brandenburg

A project from Women in Exile e.V.
in Berlin und Brandenburg, Germany

Women in Exile’s activism is essential right now: conditions in the lagers (camps) are worsening. No one knows when this crisis will end, but WiE important work to support refugees cannot slow down.

E. Ngari
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About this project

This solidarity fund supports refugee women living in Berlin and Brandenburg and who work with the self-organized group Women in Exile. These women are severely affected by the shutdown of vital services caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.  
Starting a new life far from home isn't easy, especially if you have to leave because of hardships in your homeland. And it's doubly difficult when you don't have the prospect of staying in a host country like Germany. Refugee women are among the most vulnerable in Berlin-Brandenburg. On a regular basis, they face multiple forms of discrimination, including racism, sexism and classism. The COVID-19 crisis has made life even harder and more isolating.
Now more than ever, refugee women and the group Women in Exile need your solidarity.
Your donation goes directly toward Women in Exile eV's work, enabling them to continue doing the essential outreach needed to empower and support refugee women.
The need for Women in Exile's activism is greater now than ever before: conditions in the lagers (camps) are worsening.   Locked up, people live side-by-side with others who might be sick. This puts people's physical and mental health at risk and intensifies post-traumatic stress and depression. No one knows when this crisis will end, but Women in Exile's important work to support refugees cannot slow down.

Because all planned public solidarity events had to be canceled, Women in Exile has quickly developed new ways of staying connected to the women who need their support. The group has adapted to empower and inform refugee women by calling them, listening, offering advice, and passing on critical information. This requires purchasing Internet access / cell data to stay connected.
Our goal is to raise € 10,000 to fund Women in Exile and their community. We need your solidarity during this crisis. Any amount is welcomed and appreciated. 

Women in Exile eV is a self-organized refugee women's group working in solidarity with women without refugee backgrounds. They do essential community organizing to create safer and empowering spaces for refugee women living in camps in Berlin and Brandenburg, including through workshops and political actions. They also connect refugee women to local services and individuals who provide legal advice, health services and welcome them into society.

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This campaign is organized by aequa ' s #CloseTheCamps Berlin team in cooperation with Women in Exile & Friends, with support from these legends.