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CHALLENGING TIMES a pandemy of art and inner stabilization

Weltweit u.a., Germany

CHALLENGING TIMES is a worldwide "pandemy" of art - a strengthening of our healing forces. We invite everybody to overcome isolation, fear and panic during the corona crisis.

Mirka Hurter from stART international
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CHALLENGING TIMES offers inner stabilization for everboday and helps to overcome isolation, fear and anxiety within the corona crisis.
stART international e.V. has been working for more than 12 years with the means of art, education and therapy with people in crisis areas after natural disasters and war.  Now we offer our expertise for free to everybody worldwide.
CHALLENGING TIMES includes five social art projects. Our staff members are so far working on these projects voluntarily everyday. In more than 12 different languages we invite people from all over the world to stabilze themselves and to strengthen ones own healing forces with the means of social artistic activity.
Your donation enebles to professionally introduce social artistic work to thousands of people from all over the world as well as to accompany them accurately. This requires a lot of time. As well as we, for example, need to set up an online platform, which complies with the individual need of our participants.
Within the first few days we could already count more than 600 participants from more than 55 countries. We also need your donation in order to be able to pay at least a small fee to the staff members of this project, for the amazing work they are doing.
Auch dienen eure Spende dazu unseren Mitarbeiterinnen ein Honorar für ihre anspruchsvolle Arbeit zahlen zu können.

Everybody is welcome to participate and prior artistic knowledge is not needed! Everybody is an artist. We want to "infect" as many people as possible with art, thus connect with each other and support those who are in need of inner stabilization.
Let’s stART „infecting“ each other through art and help strengthening our healing forces!

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