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Corona Emergency Aid Programme! Help for the south of Uganda! CHM helps!

A project from Celebrate Hope Germany e.V.
in Ssanje, Uganda

The effects of the Corona pandemic are hitting the poorer African countries, especially Uganda, very hard. Our local partner Celebrate Hope Ministries has spontaneously launched an emergency relief programme in the the southern region of Uganda.

Mike Keusemann
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A second Corona wave with many dead and infected people, triggered by new virus variants, has hit the rural population in southern Uganda very hard. As a result, a new lockdown of about 40 days was imposed. Markets and shops are closed, the small villages are difficult to access due to the last rainy season. Our project partner Celebrate Hope Ministries would like to pack and deliver care packages for the approximately 570 sponsored families. For about 35€ per care package (consisting of vitamin & zinc tablets, beans, maize flour, salt, soap and lamp oil) a family receives the urgently needed basic supplies. Help us save lives!