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Water, more precious than gold

A project from Hand in Hand e.V.
in Dibba Kunda, Gambia

In Gambia, water is really more valuable than gold. Global warming and environmental destruction do not stop at the small country either. Hand in Hand e.V. supports various villages with the construction of wells and women gardens.

K. Tenschert-Fuge
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Climate change, global warming and the corona virus do not stop at the gates of Africa or Gambia. The conditions in the rural regions of the North Bank of the country, which is not developed for tourism, are catastrophic. During our visit at the end of February 2020, we were able to see this for ourselves. Many towns do not have a water hole and have to carry water for many miles. Anyone who has ever balanced 10 kg on their heads knows what women do every day. The wells the locals have dug themselves often only provide for dirty water, which is hardly sufficient for humans and animals and also carries a high risk of contracting serious illnesses. Having a well drilled is financially unthinkable for many villages. Most locals are only able to live from one day to another and therefore the support we would be able to provide would be an immense gift for everyone. 

Our association Hand in Hand e. V. stands for support and promotion of projects for self-help of the people in Africa. We don't want to create dependencies. Therefore, helping people to help themselves is one of our core principles. Our main focus is to give local people a perspective and to improve their livelihoods by growing fruit and vegetables. There is nothing worse than suffering from hunger and thirst. Many statistics tell us how many people die from malnutrition. 

Hand in Hand e. V. is receiving a constant stream of requests to support the construction of a well or to build a women garden. The projects that have already been completed, show how useful our support is. Now, in times of corona, when many markets in Gambia are closed, women can get fresh vegetables from their gardens. 

With your support, we would like to provide other families and villages with access to clean water. For us, water is as normal as the air we breathe, but it is a rare commodity in many parts of the world. 

More information about us, our motivations and individual project updates can be found on our website at - or on Facebook Hand in Hand e.V. 

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