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Ease Corona in Malawi

Rumphi, Malawi

Ease Corona in Malawi

Rumphi, Malawi

Against corona information is key: how to behave, distance, hand washing, etc. We want to support the population in Rumphi with information megaphones, water buckets, soap, masks, gloves. Malawians are to nice to die, they need to survive!

H. Wegener from Support Malawi Heidelberg e.V. | 
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About this project

Corona has reached even Malawi. Schools are closed. The government provides big money for prevention. But it's to slow and does not go where necessary.  
In the north of Malawi, need is high, support ist low, the president doesn't come from there.
Therefore we must help. There are so many important things to do - like in our countries. It takes time until people understand how to behave right: distance, hand washing, only relevant visits, wearing masks.
But - the culture of Malawians is totaly different. Malawians like to cluster, like to chat, celebrate cultural events, especially on the countryside.
In the north is also located Rumphi, a little district capital on the way to important wildlife parks. It's the center for many sourrounding villages. With two supermarkets, with a big market place, a weekly major cattle market, banks, a hospital, a prison, many schools, the Roscher youth development centre, center for so many overcrowded mini busses.
Now it's high time to inform the population. TV is rare, radio has bad reception, smartphones mostly without expensive internet connection.
Solution: information about the coronavirus and instructions who to behave right must come from megaphones. Placed at strategic locations, they can inform people the whole day long. And people will find soap and water buckets at many places. And merchants and guards shall get gloves and masks. In the youth center 4 women will sew protective face masks given to as many people as possible.

We need your help.
Updated at 16. April 2020