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Funded Project Muni

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in Dhaka, Bangladesh

We take Muni and her 3 siblings off the street and bring them to school. To help the family to become financially independant, we opened a tea-shop with the mother Yasmin. Now we are looking forward to help more families.

J. .Stefan Perlebach
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About this project

Project Muni has the objective to help begging street kids and their families in Bangladesh. In the capital Dhaka, many children earn even more money with begging, than their parents with low paid jobs.

We want to take these kids from the streets and give them the opportunity of at least a half days school. To reach our goal, we would like to make sure that the parents earn more money so they can afford to cover the loss of their children’s income. We want to help them become self-sufficient and start a small business. This will encourage their independence and self-responsibility. We believe in the potential and the abilities of the poor and are convinced that most will be able to run a business successfully.

We have proven our concept by helping Muni, an eight year old street kid, her three siblings and her mother. These four children made a total income of seventy Euro per month, while Yasmin earned thirty Euro. We told Yasmin about our plan to send her children to school and asked her if she could imagine starting her own business to generate more money. She liked our suggestion and came up with the idea of opening a traditional tea shop. We collected some money from our own pockets and helped Yasmin to implement her idea. Three weeks later, since August 2011, the shop has opened and is running well. At the beginning of 2012 we sent three kids to school.

You can check out on youtube, how we opened up the shop:

Beside Muni and her siblings we met many other street kids, who we could not help because of a lack of time and money. This should change! We are going back to Bangladesh in 2012 to help more children and their families.

We appreciate all kinds of suggestions, support and of course, your kind donations.

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