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Help Us Make It Through the Night – Help the Music Hall in Corona-times

Worpswede, Germany

The Music Hall in Worpswede offers a varied and high quality cultural and music program on a non-profit basis. Due to the ban on concerts as a result of the Corona crisis, we lack all earnings. Help us through this crisis!

Andreas Wilhelm from Music Hall Worpswede e. V.
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Dear friends of the Music Hall Worpswede,

For more than 25 years, the Music Hall in Worpswede - located northeast of Bremen on the edge of the Teufelsmoor - has been offering a varied and high-quality cultural and music program - entirely on a voluntary basis, without any commercial pursuit of profit and without public funding for ongoing operations. We can also look back on situations in which economic survival was anything but easy. But we are still there.

But the corona pandemic threatens our economic existence like nothing else before. No concerts have been held in the Music Hall since March 11, 2020, and no one can reliably predict when that will be possible again. The restrictions in public life will be loosened at some point, but larger events such as concerts could remain prohibited for a much longer period of time - longer than we all can and want to imagine.

In concrete terms, this means for us: We had to apply for short-time work for our permanent employees, the freelancers are fighting for their existence. The artists, technicians and agencies lack the fees and production costs that flow through the Music Hall into the music scene. Ticket sales for concerts in the distant future have almost completely stopped. The running costs for the hall operation continue to fall almost undiminished, while we will lack the income for the foreseeable future. The huge shortfall that arises in this way is a monstrous mortgage on what we all want: that the lights come on again and that we can continue the Music Hall as a free and independent cultural enterprise.

Art, culture, music: in these times we feel how much everyone needs it. Refuel, let your soul dangle, find comfort, forget your worries, dance, live out - we would like to offer you the usual framework for this "afterwards". Therefore we urgently ask for your support. Every donation, every Euro helps us and helps us to celebrate grandiose concerts and exhilarating celebrations with you in the unique atmosphere of our Music Hall.

Help Us Make It Through the Night - donate to the Music Hall!