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GSI must go on!

A project from Gustav Stresemann Institut in Niedersachsen e.V.
in Bad Bevensen, Germany

In GSI, Bad Bevensen, Germany, people get together to strengthen democracy, make diversity work, to foster dialogue & mutual understanding. This is not possible in times of the Corona Virus. This campaign helps GSI to survive and continue afterwards.

Martin Kaiser
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About this project

Dear friends of GSI,

The effects of the Corona Crises have also reached the GSI in Bad Bevensen, Germany. We are a place of (international) encounter: People come here to meet others and overcome borders. Our concept of “living and learning together under one roof” creates our special atmosphere.

In times of the Corona Virus this is not possible. With effect of March 16, 2020, we had to cancel our seminar and project activities. This means we have no income.

In spite of the fact that we immediately introduced short-time working and reduced activities to a minimum, we still have a financial gap of 45.700 Euro in the next two months. We need this amount

-       To cover personnel costs for “skeleton staff” in education and administration which will have to stay in touch with cooperation partners, sponsors and the groups we usually host

-       To cover costs for maintenance of our buildings and the park

You can easily donate with PayPal or credit card – even from overseas. It will help us to make it through these difficult times and continue our work as soon as the crises is over. Then, we will be on high demand again to work with our target groups at social coherence, democracy education, in international exchange and professional trainings.

Let me express my personal thankfulness for your support. And I would be very happy to see you soon in GSI.
Sincerely yours,
Martin Kaiser
We are a very special place. People come to us because
-       they love our atmosphere
-       they learn so much about strengthening democracy
-       they get inspiration for activities to be continued back home
-       they meet people from other countries and cultures
-       they discover the power of diversity
-       and last not least: they love our wonderful food.
Please help us keep this place alive.