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Closed Emergency Help for Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal is on lockdown due to the Corona Virus - but many daily workers who depended on daily payments to purchase their food are left with nothing. We distribute food packeges to families in need to survive during this hard time.

E. Wieners from Pumamaqui e.V.
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Since the 24th of March 2020, Nepal has declared a total lockdown due to the Corona Virus. Many daily workers who depend on their daily wages have lost their opportunity to earn money to buy food. Street children and porters are left with nothing from one day to the next and stay hungry. 
We are collecting money to support different partner organizations in Nepal to pass out food packages to avoid a humanitarian disaster. 
To supply one family for one week with rice, lentil, oil, and salt, we need 20 Euros - a relatively small amount to secure the nourishment of one family for one week. 
It is not clear for how long the lockdown will stay in place and how the situation concerning the Corona Virus will progress in Nepal. If money is leftover even after the lockdown is stopped, we will keep distributing food for families in need to support them. Even after the lockdown, it will take months - if not longer - for Nepal's economy to get back on track.