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Funded Preserve scope - Support your neighborhood theater in Leipzig!

A project from Ost-Passage Theater e.V.
in Leipzig, Germany

Our colorful program of theater, film and music is on ice for who knows how long. Yet theater is just that: sensual & political exchange, encounter & community. Help us to maintain the Ost-Passage Theater as a neighborhood stage and free space!

Laura Kröner
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About this project

Dear friend,

we do not want all your money! You know that already. But this time we need a little bit more than the 3,- to 9,- Euro for which you normally can enjoy our colorful program of theater, film & music. The Ost-Passage Theater [OPT] is on hold again and still nobody knows how long this pandemic crisis in the culture of encounter will last.

Yet theater is just that: encounter, touch, public. Sensual entertainment, political exchange and community - social, common-good and creative togetherness. Theater wants to infect, no question! And the OPT as a neighborhood stage is a free space, a laboratory of new ideas, which we have created for us and for you and which we must now preserve with united forces!

In the mirror of this crisis, a dilemma becomes more apparent than ever, of which we, as theater and activists, must always be aware: donations help, yes! Donations are urgently needed, yes! But the necessity of donations draws our attention to the fact that we have to critically deal with the prevailing capitalist logic of exploitation and distribution and that fundamental changes are necessary for the whole society. So that ultimately every human being can live happily according to his or her own style.

Do you think that is too much of a stretch? Well, there are very concrete reasons to support us, the rent doesn't pay for itself, a current building loan has to be paid off, and the operating costs are increasing. We have put some money up front that we don't have in our pockets, financial obligations that we don't want to put off until they fall on our feet. And we also want to invest in the future so that our theater can continue to grow and prosper. 

The OPT budget for 2021 is in danger of having many holes. Therefore, we need donations to keep the business running and to make it fit for the uncertain future.

And then, dear friend of conviviality, of culinary delights and health, there is something that unites you with others beyond your human existence and frees you from your isolation, from strife and grief and that is ...... "The OPT-Gastro-dishwasher"!
As you may know, our neighborhood theater has an inviting bar where you can get drinks! To be able to provide you with open drinks like wine or gin and tonic in pandemic times, we need a dishwasher that is guaranteed to wash virus-free glasses!

If you help us with a donation, you invest in a sparkling future and in the solution, not of all, but of a problem! In vino veritas! Thank you. We love you.

Your neighborhood theater!