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Corona emergency aid: food for needy families in Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina

The Corona crisis hits those who have already had a hard time before particularly hard. Our project partners in Mendoza (Argentina) distribute food to vulnerable families. Help now with your donation! #LeaveNoOneBehind

Fernando R. P. from Desierto Florido e.V.
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The corona crisis represents an extremely great challenge worldwide. People who depend on casual work to bring their daily bread to the home are particularly hard hit.  
Our project partners of "La Casita Colectiva", who are currently unable to carry out any cultural-political activities, have decided to support the work of the association FOL (Frente de Organizaciones en Lucha) in distributing food in the low-income neighbourhoods of Mendoza. The FOL distribute food in public places since a long time, which is no longer possible due to the Corona-lockdown. The new goal is now to reactivate soup kitchens at three locations so that neighbours can pick up food there and take it home with them.
The following elements are urgently needed: 
2 catering stoves: 2 x 310 euros 
2 gas bottles and 1 burner: 110 Euro in total
3 sets with pots and pans: 3 x 125 Euro  
3 sets for hygiene and personal protection: 3 x 75 Euro 
TOTAL: 1.330 Euro
Dear supporters, our project partners and all project participants hope for your help. We are all affected by the Corona crisis at the moment. At the same time we are all part of the solution. Together we can work in solidarity across borders and jointly overcome the negative consequences of the Corona crisis.

Best regards,

The Desierto Florido team.