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Wuppertal, Germany

Frauenzentrum Urania e.V. has been a place for women* who love women* for over 42 years, a shelter and a meeting place. After the #stayathome time we wish for our place where we can meet again.

C. Freyer from Frauenzentrum Urania e.V.
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Frauenzentrum Urania e.V. is a place for women* who love women* that has existed for over 43 years, a shelter and a place to meet. Generations of women* since the 1970s have been able to rely on the fact that the Urania exists and that a wide variety of event formats could be organized in the Urania independently, except from donations.

Events of the most diverse kind are and remain the core source of income. The costs for rent, electricity, water, waste disposal and insurance are incurred even if the rooms remain closed. Currently, we have no income beyond membership fees and subletting the Inside:Out (queer center in Wuppertal).

The Urania team continues to work, clearly. After all, we will not just give up our place. We still have a few small reserves, but we will also need them when we are allowed to use the place again like before - but when that will be is not certain yet. To maintain the Urania, we have already made many new contacts, are in contact with the known contacts such as the equality office of the city, etc. and are also looking at how we can also connect with the known networks and places in the district.

We would like to have our place after the #stayathome time where we can meet again, this place where we can dance and celebrate, develop ideas and implement joint LGBTIQ* projects. For this we are collecting donations here, so that in this difficult time it is ensured that we still exist afterwards.

Get involved in the future of the Women's Center Urania e.V. now - thank you.

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