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Closed CHoG Champions ohne Grenzen ONLINE : web-based support for refugees

A project from CHoG - CHAMPIONS ohne GRENZEN e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

During this current crisis it is needed more than ever! Help us to support refugees through online offers such as advice, counselling and providing information in multiple languages

Johanna S.
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About this project

For years our "extra-time" activities have included easily accessible advice as a core component of our weekly sports sessions for refugees.

In our LADIES project, the team Kreuzberg MIXED and the adolescents and young people in Berlin-Wedding, participants can find reliable and approachable contact points and people for all their questions and problems.

The Conora epidemic ist now changing all of this and we have had to stop all of our group activities as a consequence - how long this situation will remain is uncertain. The "extra-time" team however, does not want to stop supporting people in this time of crisis! Help is needed especially now.
This is why we want to try out new methods and provide online support and advice for our approximately 150 participants! We want to provide advice via telephone, over the internet and become active in social media. Further, we want to distribute information in multiple languages about the Corona crisis and help and support provisions for refugees and helpers via our Facebook page and Instagram. 
For this we have a team consisting of a psychotherapist, two social workers, two social work students, an integration guide, as well as several voluntary translators.
Unfortunately we are missing the necessary funding in the current situation! For large funding application there is no time, help is needed now - because the people are experiencing the effects of the crisis imminently in their day-to-day lives and many official and civil-society structures and contact points are currently breaking away.
We can start with this online support offer right away. Presently we are calculating with costs of around 10.000€. With this we would be in a good position for the coming weeks. It is planned, that we will provide this offer until at least the end of May or as long as the donations can keep us going throughout the Corona crisis. IF a more normal situation comes back and stabilises, we will implement the offers also analog, in person. The donations will only be used to cover the the staff costs to implement the offer, and not for materials or office rent. This way donations fully support services for refugees. 
We kindly ask you to support our cause with your donation!
Thanks and best wishes,
your team at CHoG - Champions ohne Grenzen e.V.