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Closed Support for Medical Treatment

Peshawar, Pakistan

Closed Support for Medical Treatment

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Mr. Murtaza is partially paralysed and urgent needs medical treatment. He has four children and is only bread earner of his family. His medical treatment requires Euros 400/-. Your donations will be used directly by Mr. Murtaza.

L. Khan from L. KhanWrite a message

Mr. Murtaza is living in a small rented room with his wife and 4 children in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Due to his spinal cord problem, he cannot speak properly and his hands are not working normally. He is the only bread earner of his family. His source of income is very limited to feed his family and to improve their living conditions. Mr. Murtaza both sons (10 and 12 years old) are not going school now due to lack of financial resources. His one daughter was engaged in last year and waiting to get married. But his father has no means to bear the cost of wedding expenses. Sometimes they have very limited food to eat. But the situation was not that bad in eight months earlier.
He was working in Saudi Arabia and was earning good money. His family was living a happy life with every necessary facility available at home. His both sons used to go to school and his one daughter was married last year. One day when he came back to home from office he suddenly felt pain in back and after that he was not able to speak properly and his hands were not functional. He lost his job and came back to Pakistan with some saving. Doctors diagnosed some problem in his spinal cord. He spent his saving on treatment. The treatment is in process and will be continued till he become a normal. Now he can move his hands and speak at some extent. His medical treatment is very expensive, he requires Euro 130/- once in two months other than tests and medicines.
To ease his living conditions, secure the education of children, availability of food and his medical treatment, we sincerely ask for your supporting action within the Betterplace framework!
He would be needing approximately Euros 400/- to continue his treatment. We have already contributed Euro 43/- from our pocket for his medical treatment.

Laiq A. Khan