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Help us to provide a good home to 160 children in South India!

A project from Förderverein "Sharon Welfare Society" e.V.
in Mangalagiri, India

We support the operation of a children's home for 160 children. The aim is that the children grow up well looked after and cared for and receive a good school education. Help us to provide a better future for the children!

Maik Schmalstich
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About this project

We are an association that supports a non-profit organization in Andhra Pradesh (South India) to run the children's home "Sharon Children Home" ( with two houses. While last year there were 110 boys and girls, this year the number of orphans, half-orphans, and children from difficult living and family circumstances looked after has grown to 160 children (100 boys and 60 girls).

It is important that the children are well-fed, cared for, and educated. A good part of the running costs can be covered locally. But as you can imagine, there are always extraordinary expenses to cover. This is exactly where we ask for your support!

Currently, we are collecting for the following projects:

1. Clothing for the children of the orphanage: It is a nice tradition that all children receive a clothing package for Christmas and New Year. Basically, this covers the needs for the coming year. In addition to everyday items, there are also traditional festive dresses for the girls and shirts for the boys. This part of the clothing is made by local tailors and thus supports the local structures - a benefit for everyone! The cost of a clothing package is about 30 €.
Total costs: 4,800 €

2. School fees for the attendance of secondary schools: Already at the beginning of the year, we collected school fees for 13 of the older children and young people, who could thus attend secondary schools with your and their support and thus lay the foundation for the path to a self-determined life. We need the support to finance the school fees for another year. For this purpose, we are currently coordinating the needs for the coming year. Like last time, we will present individual students here.
Costs: Approx. 100-200 € per child per year

3. Computers for remote-schooling: During the Corona-pandemic there are lockdown scenarios again and again in India and for children and adolescents, who attend secondary schools, the lessons take place virtually. For this purpose, the two houses are to receive a total of 3 computers.
Total costs: 3 x 415 €

4. A new vegetable refrigerator: We know how important a balanced diet is for our health. In India, the storage of food alone is often a problem. Especially at Corona, food is much more expensive and every loss hurts. The children's home urgently needs a new refrigerator to keep vegetables fresh longer.
Total costs: 1,000 €

Apart from Betterplace's administrative costs and bank fees, 100% of your funds will arrive on-site when they are transferred. We monitor the correct use of the funds on site. Thank you very much for your support!