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Fundraising campaign to save the PHYNIXtanzt studio

A project from Tanz & Theater im PHYNIX e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

The dance studio can no longer be used due to the corona measures. Rents and costs continue to run.

Sibylle G.
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About this project

We are all affected by the Corona / COVID-19 pandemic. It currently rules our live.
We can no longer dance together in classes, workshops, jams etc.
The dance studios are empty and may not be used due to the instructions of the Senate. 

This also means that the ongoing costs (rent, insurance, cleaning, etc.) remain while there is no income. In PHYNIXtanzt these costs amount to approx. € 4,500 per month.
The dance teachers are also without income, as solo self-employed they only receive fees in return. They have also difficulties simply paying the rental services further. 

The studios and the studio owners are now responsible for ensuring that the regular costs continue to be paid. Sibylle Günther is responsible for the PHYNIXtanzt. Also as a solo self-employed she faces the same loss of income as everyone else. Let's not leave her alone! Let's stand together in these times!
We would like to call you to support the PHYNIXtanzt.

We all - the studio & the teachers and artists - thank you for any support!
If the rent cannot be paid for a longer period of time, this almost historical dance place must close and we all lose a beautiful work space and part of our existence.

The federal government is now planning a large aid program that will be launched on Wednesday, March 25. It was decided in the Federal Council, but it is unclear when and, above all, how much potential money will be paid out.

A small, one-time amount can help, a regular amount if you can, gives a little more security in these uncertain times.

The studio was founded 35 years ago as TanzArt and has been called PHYNIXtanzt since 15 years. You can help preserve the place. We, the teachers team, thank you very much for this.

A donation receipt can be advertised through Betterplace or through the association "Tanz & Theater im PHYNIX e.V.". When making a donation, please state: "Support for studio rent due to Corona / COVID-19 pandemic" or "Support for studio rent and teachers because of Corona / COVID-19 pandemic". If you prefer to pay directly to the club (with a donation receipt, of course) or as a contribution to the studio itself (unfortunately without a donation receipt, preferably with a normal receipt), please contact the club directly by email ( or the studio (