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Müll vermeiden und Spaß haben: "Becher Dir Einen!–Ein Becher der MEHR kann

A project from ForCup e.V.
in Göttingen, Germany

Avoid garbage and have fun: "Have a cup! - A mug that can do MORE!" First Precycling then Recycling #BlueAngel, #multipurpose #plastic free #zerowaste, # faircup2go, # garbage_vermeiden, #precycling

Sibylle Meyer
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Avoid garbage while having fun. That is the motto of the "ForCup for Zero-Waste".

The consumption of disposable packaging has increased dramatically, especially in the age of Corona. In Göttingen, 7 million disposable cups are generated every year. We want to reduce this with our initiative. This includes the avoidance of disposable packaging and coffee-to-go cups. In order for more shops to use the FairCup, it is necessary to set up a CO2 neutral pick-up service so that the cups are used more. This service was particularly desired at the weekly market, which takes place here three times a week, but who should implement this. So we came up with the idea of generating this service ourselves. But we still lack the accessories, i.e. a wheel and transport boxes. 

• Returnable deposit for more than just a quick coffee with FairCup myCoffee ...
• Deposit-returnable cup with Blue Angel for on the go "Save the cup! ... for coffee lovers on the go"
• Deposit-returnable for the weekly market "returnable instead of one-way"
Our FairCup stands for avoidance and precycling - before waste is created!