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An aid project by “Bahali Private Limited” (F. Burmeister) in Islamabad, Pakistan

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F. Burmeister (Project Manager)

F. Burmeister
Hundreds of thousands of young people, living in remote and war-torn areas in Pakistan have no educational or training opportunities to enable them to live a normal life. Poverty among them is growing and this is one of the reasons why it is easy work to recruit young people to terrorist organisations.
Bahali, meaning "restoration", was founded in 2010 to help a young generation to get out of this vicious cycle. As a social business, we believe that high quality education and training creates real and sustainable opportunities. We offer top level training and education, and help new businesses to produce world class standard quality and help them to connect with markets all over the world. By contributing you can help to train English teachers and carpenters or you can contribute to a full course in English for a young man or woman.

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Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

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