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Closed Eradicate Poverty one child at a time

Nyeri, Kenya

Closed Eradicate Poverty one child at a time

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Eradicting poverty in rural Nyeri, Kenya, by providing support at $1 a day, $30 a month towards paying school fees for a needy kid. 100% of the donations will go towards supporting a needy child.

S. Wang'ombe from Organization for Green EducationWrite a message

SInce January 2010, the Organization for Green Education (OGE) has been supporting 3 kids from poor households in rural Nyeri in pursuing secondary education, something they would ordinarily not access based on their poor backgrounds.

We aim at ensuring that 100% of any funds we receive (so far the organization has been funded by the founders) are channelled towards supporting these kids. The project is currently run by a volunteer administrator with the overall support from the (two) founders.

We aim to scale up the project by providing support to additional needy kids whose bread winners have been taken away from them either by disease (HIV & AIDs) or the effect of the 2007 post election violence.

At OGE we believe that poverty can be eradicated (eventually) through giving kids an opportunity to pursue education. In a typical African set-up, kids are expected to go to school, get a job or start businesses and later support their families back home. It is this set-up we aim at tapping into. It goes without saying that if there is a disconnect in this set-up the future of entire households is at risk: kids who either drop out of school or are not able to proceed beyond primary (elementary) school - primary education in Kenya is free - due to lack of school fees are more likely to get into drugs and substance abuse and crime which just serves to rob them of their productive capacity. This is in addition to the burden placed on society by such social ills.

OGE therefore aims at stemming this tide and building capacity at the household level to be able to make a reasonable attempt at eradicating poverty.

For $1 a day, $30 a month, OGE is able to send a kid to school and give them a second chance in life where they can support themselves. In our current initiative, we aim to provide support to a maximum of 5 kids at a cost of $450 per child per annum, totalling $2,250.

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