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Corona aid worldwide | Aktion Deutschland Hilft

Bonn, Germany

The Corona pandemic is a major challenge for all people on the planet. It hits the poorest countries hardest and they need our solidarity. Our alliance of 23 German aid organisations is now expanding its measures. Help with your donation! Thank you.

M. Hodsman from Aktion Deutschland Hilft - Das Bündnis
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Aktion Deutschland Hilft - the strong alliance of 23 German aid organisations - provides emergency aid in the event of major disasters. This includes
earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. And epidemics like Ebola or cholera.
The Corona pandemic is a major challenge - even for us and our alliance organisations. There are currently no medicines or vaccines against the virus. We also have to evaluate which help is where available day by day. Our alliance organisations are helping in Germany - and are not abandoning people in other countries either. We have been providing humanitarian aid to families in need for many years now.
This is how our alliance organisations help worldwide
  • We distribute food packages to families in need
  • We help with drinking water supplies, which are essential for survival
  • We repair wells, distribute water purification tablets and water filters
With regard to the coronavirus, we are now expanding our measures. We are doing everything we can do improve medical care.
Together we are trying to stop the further spread of the coronavirus!
  • We are setting up hand washing stations 
  • We distribute sanitary material and hygiene kits
  • We educate people about the virus and hygiene measures
  • We set up technical systems to spread information quickly via SMS
  • We improve healthcare through mobile teams of doctors 
  • We vaccinate malnourished infants against preventable diseases
  • We help with medicines against cholera and other diseases that weaken people
  • We build emergency shelters where families receive medical care
Current information on our webpage (german language).
Help with your donation to save lives and ease suffering! THANK YOU.
The needs defined here are examples of needs that are urgently needed again and again. We guarantee that your donation will benefit and help the aid projects of our Corona Emergency Aid worldwide.
We keep you up to date!