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#LeaveNoOneBehind: Prevent the Corona disaster at EU´s external borders!

A project from Stiftungsfonds Zivile Seenotrettung | GLS Treuhand
in Lesbos, Greece

Corona affects those, who are already having a hard time anyway most, e.g. refugees at EU´s external borders. With your donation you can help initiatives on the ground to prevent the worst.

Giulia M.
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About this project

To meet this Corona crisis we need solidarity. The Virus will hit especially those, who already have difficulties particularly hard: refugees at our external borders, the homeless, the old, the sick. Women, LGBTQI and People of Color are further at particular risk. The Corona crisis will make the suffering of those seeking protection, violence and humanitarian disaster fade into the background. Therefore it is important to stick together! Corona affects us all.

For this we need your support! For Europe to handle this pandemic in unity, overcrowded refugee camps must be evacuated quickly.  Currently, on Lesbos’s Camp Moria alone, over 20,000 people live in a camp built to accommodate only 3,000. Hand-washing, social-distancing or quarantine are essential at this moment, but if you live in Moria, none of this is possible. These people are threatened with infection, faced with a lack of humanitarian care, and left to their fate. If the virus breaks out in such a camp, it will be almost impossible to stop it from spreading. 

As long as the EU Commission and the EU governments do not react appropriately, it´s up to small initiatives, some of which have been standing in for years on the Greek islands, where Europe is failing. With your donation, you can help them to prevent the worst from happening. We will #leaveNoOneBehind. 

With the hashtag #LeaveNoOneBehind, citizens, politicians and celebrities from all over Europe are calling on the EU Commission and EU governments to immediately evacuate the overcrowded refugee camps and bring people in places where they are more protected from the virus. Necessary quarantine and protection measures against corona should be implemented everywhere to prevent exponential spread of the virus. Access to medical care must be guaranteed as far as possible also for the homeless, refugees and everyone else. There is a need for humanitarian and financial support for the particularly affected areas through european efforts. Access to asylum procedures and enforcement of the rule of law must be guaranteed. At the same time, this fundraising campaign is intended to support initiatives on the ground which are trying to prevent the worst from happening

About the Civil Sea Rescue Foundation Fund: The Foundation Fund Civil Sea Rescue was originally established to support civil sea rescue. However, projects that support refugees, for example in Greece, can also be eligible for funding. A foundation board decides unbureaucratically on the allocation of funds, so that it is ensured that the donations arrive directly where they are most urgently needed. Surplus funds from this campaign remain in the Foundation's Civil Sea Rescue Fund and are used for projects in accordance with the funding guidelines.