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Closed One Hen Campaign Project

Keroka, Kenya

Closed One Hen Campaign Project

Fill 100x100 original iep ceo delivering hen

is a socio-economic project.It benefits the disabled,youth,women and children.They get Hen and cage that creates a platform to train the farmers on poultry mgt,and Agribusiness & entrepreneurship.Research shows one hen in year gives 100 hens.

J. Makini from Innovation Empowerment ProgrammeWrite a message

Innovation Empowerment Programme (IEP) was founded in the year 2009 by a group of 4 students from the University of Nairobi who were inspired from a study they had carried out on Entrepreneurship as part of class assignment- Challenges facing Entrepreneurs. Two of the students (James and Mac) will be graduating in December while the other two are still in campus. Innovation Empowerment Group has been greatly supported and mentored by David Nyameino, CEO, Cereal Growers Association (CGA) ever since inception.
Innovation Empowerment Programme runs a project dubbed “One Hen Campaign Project” that seeks to empower economically women and youths who are in groups to alleviate poverty in our society.
IEP advances a micro-loan in form of a hen and a cage to each member in registered women and youth group. After 6 months one surrenders 2 chicks (once) to the programme for onward lending to other groups and sustainability of the project. The hen and the cage create a platform for IEP to train the farmers on poultry management (Local Hen), Agribusiness, Value chain analysis and appropriate technology.
So far the project has benefited 1,000 people(Youths, women and people with disabilities). We project that with availability of resources since it has been very successful in the pilot projects of Nyamira and Kisii Counties it can be up-scaled to other regions in the country. Hence, it is estimated that thousands can benefit.
The project will benefit these people as follows:
Economic-Income from sale of eggs and hens, Hens as collateral to secure financing from financial institutions.
Increased level of knowledge i.e. members have learnt simple bookkeeping skills, record keeping
Nutrition- through consumption of Eggs and meat
Manure-Hens droppings used as manure in kitchen gardens
Social- renewed relationships i.e. husband supporting wife in rearing the hen by constructing cages and fencing the kitchen garden, ceremonies-hens are slaughtered.
Children who are beneficiaries through their parents and guardians have learnt simple counting skills by counting their eggs and hens hence have started embracing micro –entrepreneurship at a tender age, for them vision 2030 is achievable.
The project has created both direct and indirect employment to members.

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