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Equipment for our workshop and boxing room

A project from JugendArbeit & Sport gGmbH
in München, Germany

We are looking for donations to equip our wood workshop and the boxing room: your donations are needed to replace broken and expand existing equipment.

Jürgen Zenkel
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About this project

At the WORK AND BOX COMPANY we take care of young people with generally problematic and violent behaviour. An essential part of our work is a specially developed boxing training for our clients. The sports units take place in our own boxing room, which is equipped with a professional boxing ring. The work units take place in our own wood workshop. Through boxing and the work in the workshop the young people are confronted with their personal issues and as you can imagine, they can get very intense. Through our work, we are trying to show our clients, that they can achieve positive change and make a real difference for themselves through commitment and hard work (self-efficacy).

For our workshop:

We  need toreplace our defective scroll saw. With it we can saw out work pieces from thin wood. To enable several youths to work in a team, we need 2 cordless screwdrivers and 4 hacksaws (e.g. to cut firewood). We need the belt grinder for surface treatment of larger surfaces such as boards, table tops etc. Our Lamello slot milling machine is broken and we  need to replace it. We can use it to join furniture parts, e.g. when building cupboards. With the Forstner drilling set special drillings for furniture hinges etc. are made. For different materials we need special drill sets: Wood, concrete, Forstner bits (precision drilling) and HSS twist drills (steel). With the cordless drill hammer we can carry out work more flexibly. With the cross hole countersink we can countersink screw heads, e.g. to level the surfaces of chests of drawers.
 For our box room:

We need a new boxing bulb, skipping ropes and claws. We have been working with these devices for a long time, but now they are broken and need to be replaced.

We integrate medicine balls into our units, because they are an extremely flexible training device. At the moment we have two medicine balls and would like to add three more to our stock, so that we can do a training session with several young people at the same time

The last two needs concern our trainers. We would be very happy if our coaches could finally get their own shoes and personal boxing gloves, since they momentarily need  to share their equipment as well. To provide equipment for all coaches, we need 6 pairs of boxing gloves and 6 pairs of training shoes.

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