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Goethe-Corona-Fund of Goethe University & University Hospital Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The virus SARS-CoV-2 requires that all of us join forces. To meet this challenge scientifically and clinically, donations are needed for the Goethe-Corona Fund of Goethe University and University Hospital Frankfurt.

Frederik Kampe from Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
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The virus SARS-CoV-2 is putting the whole world to the test – each one of us individually, but also our political, economic and social systems, making it necessary for all of us to join forces.

To meet the challenge scientifically and clinically, we require additional financial means for personnel and equipment. Goethe University and University Hospital Frankfurt have therefore established a Goethe-Corona-Fund. Together, we want to endow it with a total of 5 million euros as quickly as possible. For this, we need your help.

Please support us with a donation!

The growing pandemic entails an increasing financial need in many areas – more money is needed for protective equipment for medical personnel, for patient care, for training and simulation classes for students, caregivers and doctors, and above all for research and development in the area of virology and intensive care.

For clinical research, personnel with biostatistical and biomedical expertise has to be hired in order to process and analyse the generated clinical data.

In virological and intensive care research and development, additional equipment has to be purchased to be able to carry out experiments and studies more quickly and efficiently. This is the only way for our scientists to quickly gain necessary insights regarding diagnosis and their search for a vaccine, and ultimately develop effective therapies for those who are sick.

Teaching, education and training depend above all on realistic simulation, which requires trainers and medical simulation mannequins. This is also an urgent form of help, as the necessary staff of our facility and others can then be sensitised and trained for the specific requirements of COVID-19 patients.

Not least to protect our employees, and thereby also the patient care, we require protective goggles, protective suits and especially face masks. The number of face masks currently needed each month is 150,000! Additionally, equipment including as mobile equipment for measuring the oxygen saturation of the blood has to be purchased.

In this tense situation, every euro we can use flexibly is valuable. Please donate to the Goethe-Corona Fund and forward our call for donations to your colleagues, families and friends. 

We thank you in the name of the University – in particular the Faculty of Medicine, the University Hospital, and of everyone who is dependent on good medical care, and wish you and those close to you strength and health to get through the next weeks well. Stay healthy and optimistic despite the difficult situation.