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Corona Emergency Assistance for people in need in Berlin #DonateHope

A project from Berliner Stadtmission
in Berlin, Germany

Corona is affecting our work in many ways: we have to do our work with less volunteers, fewer food donations and more restrictions when offering assistance. Now more than ever, people in need in Berlin are relying on our solidarity and support.

Annette Schüller
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About this project

In times like these many of us feel anxious or worried. Due to the Corona virus, the Berliner Stadtmission has to change parts of its operation and refocus some offers completely. Many volunteers have to stay at home for their own or their families protection; or they do crucial work in hospitals which means they cannot provide additional support in our medical care teams. However, despite these increasingly difficult conditions for our work, it is important for us to not lose sight of those people who need our help now more than ever. 
Almost every hour the situation changes. In order to be able to react quickly and appropriately to the changed circumstances and put in the right measures for our different facilities – whether it is assistance for homeless people and those affected by poverty and loneliness, childcare or support for refugees – we need your help. 
Especially those who are not able to make provisions and buy extra food or don’t have their own four walls in which they can retreat are dependent on the solidarity of the Berliners. Together with you we want to provide help and offer hope, as much as it is possible in this extraordinary situation.