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Corona aid for freelance performing artists

A project from ensemble-netzwerk und BFDK
in Berlin, Germany

Corona aid for freelance performing artists

ensemble-netzwerk und BFDK
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The Corona pandemic has brought theater culture in Germany to a standstill for almost a year now. The freelance, hybrid and solo theater professionals have suffered the most, falling through the cracks of state aid and now facing existential problems.
14 associations have joined forces to provide direct relief. The donation campaign was initiated by ensemble-netzwerk and is carried out by the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste (BFDK).
We are collecting donations that will benefit the artists in need. We help with financial contributions of 500 Euros per person, so that bills and rent can be paid and for a moment the constant crisis can be forgotten.

However, we are facing a structural problem here. In recent months, it has become clear that there is a massive need for improvement in the social security of freelance artists. Something has to change!

Due to the pandemic, many guests were suddenly no longer employed, fees were spontaneously cancelled, many found themselves in a struggle for existence. What do you do if you can't continue your profession?
Freelance artists need legal assistance and representation more than usual during this time. In the pandemic, they have to explain themselves and their status over and over again.
They need experts to collect these concerns and bring them into the political arena. They need to be seen and heard.
That is why we collect these donations to use them for lawsuits, research projects, surveys, papers, campaigns and consultations of all kinds in the interest of protecting freelancers.

We thank you in the name of all, which need this support just urgently.


All information about the fundraising campaign and the application process can be found here:

A condition for the granting of funds for legal assistance is a dedicated examination of each individual case by a lawyer. The aim is to clarify the status of freelance artists. In the event of a successful legal dispute, the funding already approved for the conduct of the legal dispute will be released again for allocation to the fundraising campaign.
The funds raised here may be allocated to the affected persons 1. for the time of the Corona crisis and 2. for the not yet foreseeable consequential damages due to the Corona crisis, in which they are endangered in their existence and therefore urgently need the funds.