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The Lebanon Project - Corona Emergency Aid

Beirut, Lebanon

The Lebanon Project has been committed to helping people with disabilities in Lebanon for many years. Please help us with a donation to maintain the highly endangered basic care in the homes for the disabled!

Nikolaus Striefler from Deutsche Assoziation des Malteserordens
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Lebanon is currently experiencing one of the most serious economic and financial crises in its history. The situation is being exacerbated by the outbreak of the coronavirus.
In such a situation, the fate of the weakest is often overlooked. 

The homes for people with disabilities, where the guests of our summercamps live, are already underfinanced and understaffed. Only with donations and hardly any appreciable support from the government, these nursing homes usually just try to ensure the basic care of the residents. 

We are working at full stretch to support the homes in the difficult supply situation. There is a shortage of medicines, diapers, hygiene articles and underwear in particular. 

With a donation, we can quickly send the direct aid to our long-standing friends in Lebanon who are associated with the project, so that the necessary measures can be taken on-site.

A message from the initiative KIDS FOR LEBANON: "Hello children, we want - because we have so much time at the moment - to help raise money for Lebanon. You can all join in! Just talk to your parents/neighbours/grandparents...offer to serve them with small things you can do and get some money for it. Cleaning the car, shining shoes, chopping wood, making food, weeding, cleaning the dishwasher, trimming hedges, sweeping the sidewalk, walking the dogs...  - whatever comes to your mind! Then donate the money here and state your name (if you want) and in any case the activity for which you received the money in the subject line. Let us try to collect more than the adults! We can do that. Join in!!!"

More about the project: The so-called Lebanon Project is a project of the Community of Young Maltese, people who serve people with disabilities on site. Every year young people from all over Europe spend their summer in Lebanon to spend holidays in the mountains of Lebanon with these people who live in homes during the year. These weeks are about giving each of these 'guests' a unique holiday week full of attention and love in a one-to-one care.