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Support of the work of PROJEKTGRUPPE MALABON and THIRD WORLD e.V

A project from Projektgruppe Malabon und Dritte Welt e.V.
in Malabon, Manila, Philippines

Our goal: Healthy street children who receive a solid school education; young people who support their families after graduating from college; adults who are qualified in a training program - in short: help for sustainable development

Herbert Schmerz
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About this project

The Malabon project is an example of the effort to enable the people in the slums of Malabon, Tondo and on the island of Bohol to improve their miserable living conditions in a sustainable way through their projects.
Since 1987 10-12 active members (total number of members 50) work in the Project Group Malabon and Third World (registered association) created by the former general practitioner Dr. Dieter Jacobs (Übach-Palenberg) together with the catholic priest Elpidio Boy Biliran Jr., just called Father Boy, together with his POP Foundation (Preferential Options for the Poor). Our aim is to provide sustainable help for self-help.
1st project: The basic health centre 
We started with the construction of a basic health centre. The "Clinic", as it is called in Malabon, was built right next to the church of Santo Rosario in the district of Dampalit and was already consecrated in March 1988 by the then Cardinal Sin. Dr. Analissa Catacutan treats 80-100 needy patients from the slum area every second Saturday free of charge. She is supported by the head of the clinic, Sis. Dina Santos, by current and former students and their parents.
Costs for the medication: ca. 4.000US$
2nd project: The school project
Another main pillar is school education. Young people from the slum areas are given the opportunity to attend college (= vocational training); at present 25 students in Malabon and on the island of Bohol take part in the 3 to 4 years’ program. So far, more than 370 students have graduated and most of them have been successfully released into the world of employment. A large number of the former scholars can prove remarkable professional careers, e.g. as teacher, nurse, IT-specialist or even professor. 
Costs for school attendance (school fees, teaching materials, tutorials, travel expenses): ca. 11.000 US$
3rd project: The street children project
Since 2003 we have been taking care of the supply of last 60 street children (this year increased to 100) of pre-school age in Tondo, Manila. The project aims to prepare children who have no chance at all to attend primary school. 
Costs for the teacher's salary, who additionally supervises the children on weekends, the school materials and the daily warm meal: about 7.000US$
4th project: The vocational training program
Together with the state program of TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development) that provides the training rooms and the trainers, we cover the training costs. In addition, TESDA will subsequently provide jobs.
 Every year 250 people on Bohol are trained for qualified employment. That is 250 families whose human development we can promote and to whom we enable a life in dignity. 
Costs for the training: approx. 3.700US$